The Power of Data

 the power of data

Data without analysis is just a collection that takes terabytes of space on the hard drive. On the other hand, sorted and analysed data transformed into information and knowledge can lead to better results of the company such as increasing turnover, improving customer service or cutting costs and increasing income.

Conference Äriplaan 2017

One of the most influential events called Äriplaan 2017 (Business Plan 2017) for the leading Estonian company owners took place on the 28th of September in Tallinn.
A quote by Priit Alamäe (Founder and CEO, Nortal), a speaker at the conference, became the fuel for this article. He said: “People and data are the most important assets of the company.”

Dark Data

Nowadays without data it is hard to imagine any company, any enterprise or any organization. Data is everywhere. It is collected by our gadgets – sometimes we are aware of that but in many cases we provide it absolutely unintentionally. On the other side-some information is collected on purpose and will serve the companies to better organize its business.

Unfortunately, the majority of data remains unanalysed and doesn’t bring actual benefit it might bring should it be profiled, sorted and analysed. This data is known as Dark Data. According to IDC (an American market research, analysis and advisory firm, specializing in information technology), 90% of all collected data has never been analysed and thus has never been used to benefit the business. The reasons for this may be different, starting from unclear priorities which were set by the managers and ending with miscommunication among departments in big organizations. However, the most common cause of gathering Dark Data is the technology and tool constrains. If data collection is conducted by separate technologies this might prevent it from being brought together as a unified and clear picture.

Not just owning but also making use of your Data

But can you assume how much information your business may be deprived of? Just let us imagine that you are involved in the travel industry and own several hotels where customer service is made through the call center as well as through emails or specialized booking systems. In this case information about customer profile received in the audio format through the call center may not be compatible with the click data got from the booking system and thus never be used to improve the processes within the company.

What can be done?

BerryBI with its 15 years experience in data warehousing is capable of offering entire and complete solutions for companies of all sizes and with various needs. Starting from Data warehouse & quality testing (QT) and finishing with Reporting & visualizing, our company has competence to cover any requirement. We will analyse your current situation and depending on technologies in use, will suggest most efficient business intelligence solutions. Should you need an entire package of data management solution or just a specific service we will be happy to become the part of your team and cover your temporary needs in terms of Business Intelligence (BI) and Data Warehouse (DWH) projects.

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